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To succeed in this you have to train like a Corporate Athlete
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The CA Masterplan is designed for companies who want to implement a “Corporate Athlete Culture” as part of their business philosophy. The key for success in this model is to follow our exclusive methodology (MCTR):

Actual Competitive
AC 1:1
AC Peak +
Blood Composition
Blood Analysis
Physical & Mental
Ideal Competitive


Our years of experience shows that to implement CA Training and make sure that the participants incorporate most of the abilities acquired in his/her daily routine, it’s necessary to maintain the training during at least 90 days. After this we recommend to confront and check the results and new abilities obtained together with the experts of the AC team.


In order to extend the culture to the rest of the organisation it’s necessary that as many professionals as possible receive the AC Training. That’s why we have designed a plan with a minimum of education options to achieve the goals set.

What does it consist of?

· An AC Full Training during 2 days together with our team of experts. This includes questionaries related to personal evaluation, basic blood test, body composition measurements as well as different tests to get more information about nutritional and hydration habits, rest, sleep and stress levels of each participant.

During this stage we implement the first steps of our MTCR methodology (Measure/Train/Control/Results): M: Measure the Actual State of Competition (ASC) of each participant and T:Train using the knowledge acquired during our program AC Full Training.

· 6 sessions of personal training AC 1:1 Training, where each participant decide which specialist from the Team of Experts they want to work with. The AC 1:1 Training includes 1 hour sessions every 15 days during the following 90 days starting after the AC Full Training.

During this period of personal training AC 1:1 Training, we continue using the second step of our methodology MTCR, T: Train, as well as adding the third step. C: Control of the personal development in the area which the person want to change, improve and implement through personalised sessions. We follow up and control the results and the evolution of the goal(s) in order to obtain the Ideal State of Competition (ISC).

· An AC Peak+ Training is celebrated 90 days after the initial training, with the same team of experts. We make a recap of the course as well as new measurements to compare the results obtained, including questionaries related to personal evaluation, basic blood test, body composition measurements as well as different tests to get more information about nutritional and hydration habits, rest, sleep and stress levels.

We finish the AC Masterplan returning to the third step of our methodology MTCR, C: Control, repeating the tests from the beginning, in order to compare the previos results with the current ones. This way we enter the fourth and final step of our methodology MTCR, checking whether the participants have achieved their Ideal State of Competition (ISC) in the areas they decided to work on during these months. Finally, R: Results we check if the participants have reached the objectives they decided to work on. From that moment they can set new goals in order to achieve other objectives of their Personal Renewal Plan (PRP).

We can also supply:

The new 2 day AC Training Coaches allows people from your organization to teach Corporate Athlete Training Programs to your own people all over the world.

This AC Training Coaches intensive course equips your in-house trainers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively deliver the Corporate Athlete culture to your employees.

AC Tracking 4TIUS is a software program designed for different platforms (mobile, tablets, web) and which aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It provides specifically customised programs to improve the physical level for each individual user, no matter where you are and the time you have available.

AC Tracking 4TIUS is the ideal tool when it comes to the follow-up training of all the Corporate Athlete programs.

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AC Tracking 4Challenge is the ideal tool for any company or organisation who wants to measure the activity of their professionals and use the results when it comes to organising and boosting the energy of each one of them. Through this tool its possible to maximise the results from all the different Corporate Athlete programs.

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Our Results:

Currently there are more deaths in the world from cancer or cardiovascular illnesses than from traffic accidents. These are illnesses whose frequency increases with an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise. The most recent data makes clear that a reduction of 10% in cardiovascular illness corresponds with a 1% increase in GDP and that every €1 invested by companies in the well-being of their employees gives a return of €30.

Our results show that more than 80% of executives who have attended our Corporate Athlete Training have been able to make a significant change in their personal and professional lives.

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We offer an innovative system for personal development, based on boosting the psychophysical state of the professional to an extraordinary degree, and bringing greater motivation and adherence to the corporate project. We provide a unique product as there is no company training scheme with these characteristics. After 34 years teaching and with more than 100.000 coaches arround the world in various sporting areas (tennis, golf, padel, fitness) we have taken the best techniques in the development of top level individual performance and applied them to the corporate environment.

Our experience in creating opportunities in sport, life and education (where we have boosted the careers of players Andy Murray, Sveltana Kuznetsova, Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Monaco, Daniela Hantuchova) or training thousands of players to achieve American university scholarships, has helped us to understand high performance sporting techniques in depth, in order to adapt them to the corporate world.

We provide a "unique corporate experience" thanks to a team of professionals who know at first hand the demands of the corporate world today. All their experience has been vital to the development of our training programs. A rigorous scientific and medical background, together with our foundation's twenty patented educational programs, has helped us to wake up the athlete that we all have within us. With this, we can adquire a competitive state that allows us to give the best of ourselves at every moment.

In the last 15 years, more than 15.000 executives and high-level professionals have graduated as corporate athletes. We know their habits well, because of the questionaires we've carried out, the body composicion tests, blood tests and different data we've gained though heart rate monitors and training GPS. As a result, we can provide all the tools for them to reach an Ideal Competitive State.

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