Managing your energy is the key

to obtaining extraordinary results


Graduate as a Corporate Athlete

It’s not the time you dedicate to your work or family which determines your performance, but the energy that you have at your disposition. To maximise your energy you need to develop an inner Corporate Athlete, sustained by four theoretical pillars.


Reach your ideal competitive state

TETAFIME is a model which uses educational patents to develop the four pillars: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental. These are then integrated and interconnected to reach the ideal competitive state.


Get the maximum resilience to stress

How you look after your body has a huge impact on your ability to perform in highly demanding situations. Our Corporate Athlete Training offers a unique system that improves both your performance and your well-being.

Corporate Athlete has three training facilities “on site” at the world famous Emilio Sánchez Academy, one of them are located in the United States (Naples, Florida), one in Europe (Barcelona, Spain) and another in United Arab Emirates (Dubai). At these facilities we can provide our Corporate Athlete InCompany AC Full & AC Peak, exclusive training programs to help your employees to achieve the Ideal Competitive State, with a “great energy” environment. ES Academy is the perfect place with all facilities to “wake up the athlete that you have inside and transform yourself into a Corporate Athlete”.

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We offer an innovative system for personal development, based on boosting the psychophysical state of the professional to an extraordinary degree, and bringing greater motivation and adherence to the corporate project. We provide a unique product as there is no company training scheme with these characteristics. After 34 years teaching and with more than 100.000 coaches arround the world in various sporting areas (tennis, golf, padel, fitness) we have taken the best techniques in the development of top level individual performance and applied them to the corporate environment.

Our experience in creating opportunities in sport, life and education (where we have boosted the careers of players Andy Murray, Sveltana Kuznetsova, Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Monaco, Daniela Hantuchova) or training thousands of players to achieve American university scholarships, has helped us to understand high performance sporting techniques in depth, in order to adapt them to the corporate world.

We provide a "unique corporate experience" thanks to a team of professionals who know at first hand the demands of the corporate world today. All their experience has been vital to the development of our training programs. A rigorous scientific and medical background, together with our foundation's twenty patented educational programs, has helped us to wake up the athlete that we all have within us. With this, we can adquire a competitive state that allows us to give the best of ourselves at every moment.

In the last 15 years, more than 15.000 executives and high-level professionals have graduated as corporate athletes. We know their habits well, because of the questionaires we've carried out, the body composicion tests, blood tests and different data we've gained though heart rate monitors and training GPS. As a result, we can provide all the tools for them to reach an Ideal Competitive State.

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