Club CEO: Nos formamos como Atletas Corporativos

A principios de octubre, hemos tenido la ocasión de desarrollar el innovador Programa Atleta Corporativo en la Finca el Rancho, en Torrecaballeros, Segovia, de la mano de Emilio Sánchez Vicario, gran tenista profesional, número 1 del mundo en Dobles y medalla de plata en los Juegos Olímpicos de Seúl, junto a su socio Luis Mediero, quienes crearon un programa de entrenamiento «exclusivamente» para directivos y profesionales de la empresa, con la finalidad que aumentaran su rendimiento, utilizando las herramientas de la alta competición en el deporte y trasladándolas al mundo corporativo.

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‘The programmes directed to Senior Management focus not only on management tools and leadership qualities but also on other methods that improve executive performance. The Corporate Athlete training program brought in 3 yeras ago and gives us the opportunity to talk about how we mantain healthy habits, reduce stress and maximise energy. The programme is innovative, practical and interesting and has made a big and succesful impact on our participants’

Stephen Adamson
SMP Program Director
Instituto de Empresa

‘The Corporate Athlete program has been one of those training courses that you don´t forget. Being able to perform at your highest level is the key factor in leadership, management and personal relationships. Thanks to Corporate Athlete i´m able to channel energy & stress better, and live a healthy life which makes me feel good and eager to face the challenges we meet every day. The programe leaves nobody indifferent and change is clear from the first day. I recommend it!’

Diego García de Vinuesa González
Human Resources Director
NH Hoteles

‘The Corporate Athlete Training provides you with the tools necessary to bring balance and success into your life; in only 22 hours you learn to reconcile your professional and personal lives. Their excellent group of professionals present the guidelines needed to achieve your objectives in a clear and attractive way, and encourage you to put them into practice right from the start.’

Alfredo de Lorenzo

Simmons & Simmons

‘The Corporate Athlete Training forces you to think deeply and become more aware of your lifestyle as the best place to start solving anybody’s problems is in front of the mirror. And to a certain extent this is what the course provides: a mirror that reflects your mistakes and the possibility of personal and professional improvement. The rest depends on the commitment that each person makes to themselves. Lastly, in my sporting and professional career I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a large number of congresses, courses, conferences and summits around the world and I can assure you that the level of this course is excellent.’

Raul Chapado
Movisports Solutions

‘A new and original point of view, which helps executives like ourselves to meet the challenges of our long careers with guaranteed success.’

Álvaro Gutiérrez Merelles
Operations Manager
ACCIONA Trasmediterranea

‘Corporate Athlete has succeeded in transferring the coaching principles of professional athletes to the type of training which high level executives need in order to be more effective in our lives. It’s probably the training course that has had the most impact in the different dimensions of my life, that’s to say my family, my work and the world I’m in. Following the AC principles, I’m happier, much more effective and I have a great deal more energy.’

Iñigo Capell Arrieta
Human Resources Manager
Nh Hoteles

‘The course involves an impressive personal change which affects all the aspects of your life, and knowing how to take advantage of this change could constitute a ‘before and after’. The combination of sporting, personal and nutritional techniques is really impressive and original.’

Iñigo Sagardoy
Sagardoy Abogados

We offer an innovative system for personal development, based on boosting the psychophysical state of the professional to an extraordinary degree, and bringing greater motivation and adherence to the corporate project. We provide a unique product as there is no company training scheme with these characteristics. After 34 years teaching and with more than 100.000 coaches arround the world in various sporting areas (tennis, golf, padel, fitness) we have taken the best techniques in the development of top level individual performance and applied them to the corporate environment.

Our experience in creating opportunities in sport, life and education (where we have boosted the careers of players Andy Murray, Sveltana Kuznetsova, Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Monaco, Daniela Hantuchova) or training thousands of players to achieve American university scholarships, has helped us to understand high performance sporting techniques in depth, in order to adapt them to the corporate world.

We provide a "unique corporate experience" thanks to a team of professionals who know at first hand the demands of the corporate world today. All their experience has been vital to the development of our training programs. A rigorous scientific and medical background, together with our foundation's twenty patented educational programs, has helped us to wake up the athlete that we all have within us. With this, we can adquire a competitive state that allows us to give the best of ourselves at every moment.

In the last 15 years, more than 15.000 executives and high-level professionals have graduated as corporate athletes. We know their habits well, because of the questionaires we've carried out, the body composicion tests, blood tests and different data we've gained though heart rate monitors and training GPS. As a result, we can provide all the tools for them to reach an Ideal Competitive State.

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